Posted by: Ronii Bartles | August 29, 2019

2019 ON HOA Landscape Initiative Update (26 AUG 19)

Maintaining the community’s open space is one of the many duties and responsibilities of the ON HOA’s Board of Directors. At a “Special Meeting” on Tuesday, August 20th, your ON HOA’s Board of Directors met at the FB FD building for the sole purpose of finalizing and approving the 2019 ON HOA landscape plan. For all those in attendance, Scott Greca, owner of Greca Landscaping & Design (see link below), explained in great detail the entire landscape plan, answered any/all questions and addressed any/all concerns.

Now that the contractor, who will be doing the work, has been identified, and the plans have been reviewed, finalized and unanimously approved, the major portion of the work will forge ahead. Our contractor has told us that, weather permitting, this project should be completed no later than the end of September.

Over the past few weeks, quite a bit of progress has been made. Over time, our 20+ year old irrigation system has fallen into a state of disrepair and misrepair. In need of immediate attention were several leaking connections, leaking and broken lines, frozen valves as well as malfunctioning sprinkler heads, sprinkler heads not functioning at all, improperly placed and/or misdirected sprinkler heads and areas of inadequate coverage due to incorrect sprinkler head type. Prior to the installation of any new plant material, all of these components required repair, replacement, modification and/or upgrading as a fully functional irrigation system is an absolute necessity for any new plant material to be warrantied. This portion of the project is moving along and is now in its final stages.

Additional cleanup work is taking place on both sides of Ocean Neighbors Boulevard, including tree pruning, the lifting of tree canopies, trimming overgrown shrubs as well as removing any volunteer plant life that will detract from the finished product. Upon completion of the aforementioned cleanup and repairs, the recently cleared area behind the community message board and gazebo, and the berm area behind the Ocean Neighbors sign (at the corner of Ocean Neighbors Boulevard and Old military Road) will be graded and prepped. Then, all the new plant material will be installed to complete the project.

I hope this answers your questions and addresses your concerns.

As always, every homeowner is welcome to contact Melissa Blocker, me or any of my colleagues on the ON HOA’s Board of Directors. Be advised that the ON HOA’s Board of Directors will not respond to ON HOA business-related questions posted on the Ocean Neighbors Facebook page.

For your convenience, the contact information for our John Poston and Company representative as well as your 2019 ON HOA Board of Directors appears below.

John Poston and Company representative…

Melissa Blocker
Association & Regime Manager
John Poston & Co, Inc.
635 Rutledge Ave., Suite 105
Charleston, SC 29403
1 843-343-7858

2019 ON HOA Board of Directors…

Eric “Ricky” Dardozzi
ON HOA Board Member at Large
1000 Clearspring Drive
Charleston, SC 29412
1 843 609 7856

Jennifer Maas Jones
ON HOA Secretary
1157 Clearspring Drive
Charleston, SC 29412
1 843-813-3499

Andrew R. King
ON HOA Vice President
998 Clearspring Drive
Charleston, SC 294121 803-360-4986

Justin “JP” Price
ON HOA Treasurer
1058 Clearspring Drive
Charleston , SC 29412
1 843-822-4313

Scott J Smith
ON HOA President
1014 Clearspring Drive
Charleston, SC 29412-9655
1 908-303-3310

Respectfully yours,

Scott J Smith
ON HOA President

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