Posted by: Ronii Bartles | June 18, 2019

2019 ON HOA Spring Landscape Update

Maintaining the open space is one of the many duties and responsibilities of our ON HOA’s Board of Directors.

To the best of our knowledge, with the exception of the two ligustroms nearest to 1519 ONB, nothing was removed that was intentionally planted as part of our community’s landscape plan. The two ligustroms that were accidentally removed will be replaced courtesy of Winthrop Tree Service. FYI – Those ligustroms were planted by a dozen+/- volunteers with money raised via GoFundMe donations and matched by the ON HOA, in the spring of 2017.

The area between 1506 ONB and Old Military Road will be restored to reasonably replicate the original landscape plan, 20+ years later. A little more clean-up work still needs to be done. Then, weed barrier, pine straw and possibly some ornamental grasses will be installed to complete that portion of the project.

The area behind the message board was cleared of volunteer scrub trees which were strangled by vines. A few trees were left after the vines were cut. However, after the dead vines were stripped away, those few remaining scrub trees offered no aesthetic value, so they, too, were removed. That area will be cleared and sodded. It will become reclaimed open space. A couple of Sable palms and possibly a Pindo palm may fill in the blank space and break-up the distant sightline.

Ligustroms and possibly podocarpus will line the fence. There may also be some pops of color below the limbed-up cedar trees.

Once the detailed plans and quotes have been reviewed, and the contractor who will be doing the work has been identified, the work will get underway almost immediately. The contractors have told us that the timeline to complete the work is two+/- days, from start to finish. My guess is that this project should be completed by mid July.

I hope this answers your questions and addresses your concerns.

As always, every homeowner is welcome to contact Melissa Blocker, or any member of the ON HOA’s Board of Directors at any time. The ON HOA’s Board of Directors will not respond to questions posted on the Ocean Neighbors Facebook page.

For your convenience, the contact information for our John Poston and Company representative as well as your 2019 ON HOA Board of Directors appears below…

ON HOA Board of Directors Contact Information

Melissa Blocker
Association & Regime Manager
John Poston & Co, Inc.
635 Rutledge Ave., Suite 105
Charleston, SC  29403
1 843-343-7858

Jennifer Maas Jones
ON HOA Secretary
1157 Clearspring Drive
Charleston, SC 29412
1 843-813-3499

Andrew King
ON HOA Vice President
998 Clearspring Drive
Charleston, SC 29412
1 803-360-4986

Justin “JP” Price
ON HOA Treasurer
1058 Clearspring Drive
Charleston, SC 29412
1 843-822-4313

Scott J Smith
ON HOA President
1014 Clearspring Drive
Charleston, SC 29412-9655
1 908-303-3310

Dan Toppin
ON HOA Board Member at Large
1626 Ocean Neighbors Blvd
Charleston, SC 29412
1 843-408-8638

Respectfully yours,

Scott J Smith
ON HOA President

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