Posted by: Ronii Bartles | December 15, 2014

December Meeting Agenda

Ocean Neighbors, HOA
December 18, 2014
Location:  1102 Clearspring Drive, Charleston, SC
6:30 PM

Call to Order:  Ellen Souter, President

Roll Call

Approval of Board Minutes: Karen Denihan, Secretary/Treasurer

Financial Reports: Ellen Souter

Old Business:

  • Dupree Settlement Resolution
  • Electrical work at entrance
    • Front Entrance Maintenance Work
    • Nominating Committee/Annual Meeting
    • Parking hazards
    • Neighborhood Watch

New Business:

  • Board Members Goals for 2015
  • Annual Meeting

ACC/ARB Committee Report:  Mariah Schwartz, Chairman

  • Minor Requests: Packages delivered to Mariah
  • Major Lot Development: Presentation to the Board and Community for review and finalization.

Community Relations:

  • Christmas Decorations – Mariah Schwartz

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