Posted by: Ronii Bartles | March 6, 2013

Spring Events

Please check out the Calendar of Events on for all the upcoming spring events for the community. Here are some upcoming events to mark on your calendar.

March Board Meeting
March 21, 2013
1094 Clearspring Dr.
Note: All future meetings will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month and will be held at 1094 Clearspring and begin at 6:30. Unless otherwise noted.

Easter Egg Hunt
March 23rd (Rain date will be March 24th at 2PM)
Ages: 0 to 9
18 eggs per child (with wrapped candy only) must be dropped off by March 21st to either 1102 Clearspring or 1636 Ocean Neighbors Blvd.
Reminder–Be on time, as the event is over in 5 minutes!!!!

Community Garage Sale
April 13th
8AM to 11AM

Spring Fling
May 18th
2PM to 5PM

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