Posted by: Jim Thompson | October 5, 2012

Fish Kill Update

We have some fish kill residual matter around the lake but for the most part we see the lake improving day by day, including the smell ! Almost all gone. The best we can hope for now is that we continue to get small wave like action across the lake from wind. This helps put dissolved oxygen back in the lake. The final total for the fish kill was an estimated at 2,800 fish weighing in from disposal at 3 tons.

We have met with and spoken to a number of agencies about our fish kill to date including the head of Charleston County Mosquito Control. The bottom line from all agencies and their opinions is that our fish kill is still the result of low dissolved oxygen levels in the lake. On Wednesday the SCDNR recorded our lake top 12 inches at 4.48mg/L and from there to the bottom .44mg/L….no oxygen present after 1 foot.  A healthy lake should be 7mg/L plus minimum with no stratification…….The analysis is our lake is not in very good shape for supporting marine life in its current condition.

We have confirmed with the head of Charleston County Mosquito Control their county flights over the last month for our area and the amount of pesticide used including the types, BTI, Methoprene ( larva stage ) and Trumpet  ( flying stage ) is always mixed below EPA government regulations. They are emphatic that amounts used could not have caused a fish kill. The opinion that some fishes eyes were red or pinkish slime covered, sometimes white can happen with some fish as the water becomes toxic from low DO. This is a sign of very high stress in some fish as they die. We are waiting on  pesticide test from Trident to come back.

As we get more information we will let you know. Thank you for all the information as it has really helped us out. Nothing is fool proof but we are doing our best to make sure we have the facts as best possible. All opinions from the community’s observations and advise from the different agencies have helped piece together the big picture.

– Rick McGee, HOA Board President

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