Posted by: Jim Thompson | August 27, 2012

Flood Zone Update

The final analysis was conducted ATM in Charleston.  Pulling all the FEMA models and topographical maps together the result clearly shows that all of Ocean Neighbors is clearly in an AE zone.

From the report filed by ATM:

To summarize, our analysis shows that the entire Ocean Neighbors (ON) (and some of the marsh ward properties outside the development) are in the AE Zone at FEMA designated elevations 14 -12.  So everyone in ON is in the AE Zone.  FEMA could dispute/recommend the elevations or mapping adjusted, but we don’t see how they would push the V/A line realistically any farther inland to where it would affect Ocean Neighbors.

It of course does not mean FEMA will approve the appeal but our case looks very good.  The appeal package has been filed with Charleston County and the City of Charleston and as soon as ATM has their signatures back the package will be sent to FEMA for their review.

The process of the appeal is now in progress.  We sincerely hope for the best for all of the home owners on Clearspring Dr that were rated VE.


Rick MaGee – HOA President

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