Posted by: Jim Thompson | July 26, 2012

Community Lake Lot Improvements

10/5/12 UPDATE: The lake lot landscaping project is now in process. The palm trees, Shrubbery beds and the irrigation are in. Anyone that would like to give input on plants for the lake lot are welcome to come over and help with advise, picking out the plants or planting. All ideas are welcome! All help welcome. The landscaping company will hold off on plants until next week so if you would like to help please let a board member know by Tuesday……….. Thank You !!

Improvements to the Community Lake Lot – already approved and budgeted for during the 2011 calendar year – will take shape in the upcoming weeks. The community lake lot has been surveyed so that we know exactly where we can and cannot place landscaping and other items. We also had to make sure that our dock is on our land due to community member concerns. The dock and movement of one of the picnic tables have been incorporated into the improvement plans.

Next steps will be to replace the decking on the board walk. We will then begin the landscaping per the illustration below.

The improvements should be completed by the end of August. Volunteers to assist with the improvements are welcome! Bring your kids or other family members out and help in the transformation. If you would like to help, send an email with the subject “Lake Lot Landscaping Volunteer” to

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