Posted by: Jim Thompson | March 14, 2012

Tips To Keep Our Neighborhood Looking Great

No one likes costly and annoying fines or warning letters.  Here are a few tips to keep your home & Ocean Neighbors looking great while staying fine-free.

Automobiles, boats, trailers, campers and parking

Parking on the grass and overnight street parking is prohibited.  If you have guests with additional vehicles and have to use street parking, please call Odessa and let them know the details of your situation.  If no one answers, leave a voicemail with the details.  Someone will return your call or forward your communications to a Board Member.

When parking, vehicles should not block sidewalks or hang over the driveway into the street.

All other vehicles such as boats, trailers, campers or RV’s must be parked out-of-site (i.e. behind a privacy fence that is at least 6ft tall).  Ocean Neighbors is a boat-friendly community and one of the only association communities in Charleston that allows boats. Help keep it that way.

Golf carts or mopeds may not be driven in Ocean Neighbors by anyone who can not meet state and local requirements.  ATV’s are not allowed at any time.

Maintaining Your Property 

All homeowner yards should be consistent with the community and present a neat and maintained appearance.

To help maintain the overall appearance of our community, lawns should be mowed often and be free of weeds year round (including weeds in the winter months).  Any bare spots should be attended to.

Trees, palms and shrubs should be trimmed to a neat appearance.

Driveways, curbs and sidewalks that border your property should be edged and free of weeds or grass.  This helps prevent the erosion of concrete and asphalt in the community.

Grass and edged clippings should be picked up.  Do NOT wash or blow these clippings into storm drains.  This will prevent some of the chemicals used on lawns from getting into the lake.

Trash cans and recycle bins may be put out on the street the night prior to pick up.  After pick up, cans and bins should be moved out of sight from the street.  This applies to tree and shrub cuttings.

The exterior of your home must be visibly free of mold.  Mold on your home can be washed off with a mild detergent such as  Simple Green or comparable.  Try your best to minimize any potential environmental impacts.  There are many options available.  When in doubt, seek the advice of a licensed professional.

Signs should not be posted on any homeowner’s property unless the sign is for the sole purpose of selling or renting a home.

Home Improvements

All construction – additions and changes to your home – including, but not limited to swimming pools, hot tubs/jacuzzi, shutters, sheds, exterior painting (if changing any colors), fences, retaining walls or lake bulkheads must have prior approval from the Ocean Neighbors HOA Architecture Review Board (ARB).  NOTE: Homeowners that have dues or outstanding fine balances generally will not be approved until balances are paid in full.

Homeowners are responsible for complying with all statutory and regulatory permits – Charleston County zoning requirements, local codes and other governing laws.

Home improvements can be very costly and create major concerns if not performed in accordance with convenants, rules, restrictions and other requirements.  Do your homework prior to home improvement projects (asking your neighbor may not always be the best method).  When in doubt, a quick call to the property ma

nagement company and/or the Ocean Neighbors HOA Architecture Review Board (ARB) can save you a ton of time and money.


Respect common areas and the property of others when walking your dog. Several pet waste stations have been added throughout the neighborhood. In addition, you should carry extra bags with you just in case.

Pets should be on a leash during walks and may not run loose.

Dogs that are a nuisance (i.e. excessive barking, running loose, etc.) will be reported to Animal Control.

The Lake

The community lake is a great shared space and is intended for everyone to enjoy.  Anything that is taken to the lake lot, dock or on the water should be taken with you when you leave (trash, fishing equipment, chairs, etc.).

Use caution when maintaining your home, vehicles and boats, etc.  Most of what goes into the streets ends up in the storm drains –  and ultimately the lake.

Homeowners that live lake-front should use extra caution to keep their property free of trash and debris.

Avoid Fines!

Fines will increase incrementally if a citation is issued and not responded to by both addressin

g the non-compliance and by paying the associated fine.

If you have questions about a rule or restriction, contact Odessa night or day (leave a message if no one is available to take your call). You may also contact a Board Member.  When in doubt, make a quick call and avoid costly and annoying fines.

Listing of Board and Property Management contacts:


  1. While not blocking sidewalks sounds good in theory, unfortunately in the infinite wisdom of the developers with small garages and driveways, the design of our neighborhood usually doesn’t allow this unless you own some of those tiny SMART cars. Otherwise, good information to have handy.

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