Posted by: oceanneighbors | January 30, 2012

Status of the Empty Lake Lot

Dear Residents of Ocean Neighbors,

In the last community meeting held at the lake lot in April of 2011, many residents in attendance informed the board that they were not in favor of buying the lake lot. Even though the attendance did not represent the majority of the community, the board thought it best – based on the response – that we forgo buying the lake lot at the time.

In August 2011, the board discussed the possibility of renting the lake lot with the option to purchase the lot in the future as an alternative. The board passed a motion that we would evaluate the possibility of the rent-to-buy option.

At this time the board has not taken any further action.  The board believes that a committee should be formed to further evaluate this option and would prefer that non-board members make up the committee to research and evaluate adding this amenity as an asset to the community if possible.

If you would like to volunteer to chair the committee or work on the committee for this project, please let a board member know –

Thank you,

Rick Magee  |  HOA President – Ocean Neighbors

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