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Newsletter – January 2012


Ocean Neighbors Community Newsletter – January 2012 (Open PDF)

Annual Meeting:

Please plan to attend the Annual Meeting on January 26 , 7pm at James Island Elementary Media Center on 1872 Grimball Road.  There are a few board seats available and the meeting should only take about an hour and a half.   Community home/lot owners are encouraged to attend this very important meeting.  If you cannot attend this meeting, please consider submitting a Proxy Form to designate your representative.  You should have received a letter that included the Proxy form and a list of items that will be on the agenda.

Reminder of Upcoming Dues payments

The new dues can be broken up into 2 installment payments of $150 or paid in full.  The first payment will be due March 1, 2012 and the second on August 1, 2012.

Holiday Lights Competition Results

Thanks to everyone that participated in this year’s annual holiday light decorating contest.  Our neighborhood gets “brighter” each year.

  • First Place- 1584 Ocean Neighbors
  • Second Place- 1157 Clearspring Dr.
  • Third Place-1701 Lotus Lane

Welcome to Our Neighborhood!

Please take the time to welcome our newest neighbors, Krista and Jacob Stackley at 951 Clearspring Drive, and Erin Alexandra at 1573 Ocean Neighbors Blvd.  Welcome to our neighborhood!

Yard of the Month

With most of our grass in hibernation, Yard of the Month is suspended until May.  Start planting!  The sign may appear in your yard!  All recipients receive a $50.00 Lowes gift card and bragging rights.  Here are some bulb planting tips.  We are in Zone 2, by the way:

  • Summer bulbs require a great deal of water immediately after planting. The soil in your garden should be continually moist.
  • Sprouting is healthy; plants are anxious to get into the ground again.
  • Maintain a pH level of 6 to 7 to bring out the true color of flower bulbs.
  • Additional fertilizer is not necessary for summer flowering bulbs and tubers.
  • Many summer flowering bulbs and tubers are well suited for patio containers and should be planted closer for a full look.
  • A variety of summer bulbs make great cut flowers. Some of the taller varieties may require staking.
  • Plant your summer flowering bulbs and tubers within the season of purchase.
  • You may need to lift your bulbs and tubers in the Fall and replant next Spring. Shake off any soil and air dry for several days before storing in a cool, dry, well ventilated location. Do not store in plastic; plants need to breathe


Join our conversation, share your great ideas, and get late breaking information.    This is a great way to learn about your neighbors.  If you haven’t done so, encourage your neighbors to join our website at   Our newest poll will be added today.

Lake Lot/Playground Issues

Unfortunately, we have recently had some vandalism at both the Lake Lot and the playground.  The new picnic tables that we installed were flipped over and damaged.  The cost of fixing these items goes directly to us as homeowners.  Help us keep these areas ready for use.

We need volunteers to help with a number of projects.  It does not take a lot of time just a few minutes a week can help the community !!  + Call 406-9460 to volunteer.


Welcome Wagon – Welcome new community members

ARB Committee –  Architecture Review Board

Law Enforcement  Liason –  Field Coordinator with Police

Message Board – Keep our message boards current

Communications – Ocean Neighbors web site

2 Board positions open – Attend the next annual meeting

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